Terminology and Substitutions

Throughout the website, we might use phrases or words which may need further explanation. There may also be questions about substitutions for certain ingredients. Here we have complied some more information on these subjects.


Herbs and Spices

Unless stated otherwise, herbs and spices mentioned refer to dried varieties. Fresh can be used, but the amount will need to be adjusted. Usually this means using three times as much, so a recipe calling for 1 Tsp of a herb, will need to become 3 Tsps when using a fresh herb.

Egg Replacement

This is a term we use to indicate an egg needs to be replaced. There are many ways to replace an egg, ranging from flaxseed ‘eggs’ to packet replacements. We personally use a packet replacement, but most standard egg replacements found in the Vegan community can be used instead. So if a recipe calls for 2 Egg Replacements, you should make 2 ‘eggs’ of your favourite egg replacement.

Sausage/Burger Mix

We use these terms when creating either sausages or burgers with added ingredients. You may create the sausage or burger however you prefer, be it from a packet, a standard recipe you have, or one of our recipes. You then add into your process the steps found in our recipes calling for the sausage or burger mix. If the recipe is adding herbs and/or spices, you mix these in early on in your process. If the sausage/burger mix is being used as a filling or a base of a recipe, it may be included already or nearly prepared. It is best the read through the recipe thoroughly to understand how the sausage/burger mix will be used.


We primarily use soya milk as our milk substitution due to its neutral taste, good consistency and widespread availability. Other milks can be used instead, in case of personal taste or for allergy concerns. You may need to adjust the quantities though, perhaps also adding or removing other liquids in the recipe, to successfully replace the soya milk with the milk substitute of your choice.

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